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Selfie Stick With Tripod Specifications:

– Independent Bluetooth 3.0 remote control:
Built-in 60mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery
Sensitive Bluetooth remote control, react fast and fine
Get the best shots and videos without asking a stranger 

– 360-degree rotation and adjustable phone stand
Provide the perfect view angles, convenient to take pictures, enjoy the autodyne life
Phone clip range: 56 – 90mm 

– Aluminum alloy anti-slip pull rod
Lightweight, firm and non-slip
Anti-slip mats design
More stable and natural to take photos and record videos
Mini and exquisite design

Can be very easy to hold and put anywhere you want, bag or even a pocket 
– What is in the box?
— Selfie stick tripod x 1
–Bluetooth remote x 1




Bob Rudd / USA



I love taking pictures! And I make it sure that I'm always part of it! But sometimes it is hard to take selfie pictures without the right tools! I'm glad I found this selfie stick! It felt like I am a Pro now! It comes with the tripod stick, remote control and a charger cord. The tripod stick can be used as a tripod or you can hold it by extending it. It holds your phone so tight, that you don't need to worry that it might fall. I charged the remote control for an hour and after that I was able to use it. It's very easy to use. Charge the remote before you use it. Connect your phone and the selfie stick via Bluetooth so that you will be able to enjoy taking pictures! I been getting a lot of great pictures with my family friends!


Steven Toth / Germany



Great idea to include a removable Bluetooth remote and a tripod! I bought it for those features, not the selfie stick. First, it's maybe two feet tall at the most, so it's a tripod for a table or similar surface. The parts are sturdy enough. But if you extend it to the limit, with an iPhone plus, on a windy day, yeah it wont be very stable and may fall over. Quite compact and easy to store when folded down.


Angie Solis / Australia



The product looks pretty sturdy. Remote control is very sensitive. The only tiny draw back is you have to be very careful NOT to let go that soon when using the tripod, you have to make sure all legs touched evenly as well as the center part (as shown in product picture), otherwise, you will risk it tipping off. This product doesn't look cheap at all. Overall, well build, but only time will tell if it holds up to daily usage while traveling.


Linda Perry / South Africa



As a selfie stick it works well, but as a tripod the telescoping arm sinks down slowly and I struggle finding the perfect balance to keep it upright. Love the detachable Bluetooth button.


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