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Selfie Stick with USB Fan:

Product Description

Charging Voltage: 5V

Color: grey, green, blue and pink

Support System: Android iOS

Lighting time: 75 hours (1000 photos fill light)

Charging time: 4-5 hours

Self Maximum load: 800g

Self rod retracted length: 14CM

Stretching the length: 70CM

Battery capacity: 205 mA

Self-timer mode: remote control

Speed regulation: 1,2,3 Grade


1.Unique structure,novel style,excellent quality

2.Brushless moter fan,wind power,long service life

3.Intelligent control,perfect function,simple operation,stable and reliable performance

4.Can be flat,and hand,fit your needs

518650 lithium battery,strong versatility,can cycle charge,low cost of use

6.Integration design,simple appearance,solid structure,easy to carry

7.First grade works for 4-5hrs,second grade works 3-4hrs,third grade works2-3hrs.


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