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Photo Essentials Monopod
With Bluetooth Remote Shutter
Model No: PT-6T

Technical Information:

•Take selfies, fast burst photos or videos in any place, under any circumstances
•Ownpole Set includes: 1 aluminum Selfie Stick, 1 aluminum tripod and 1 Bluetooth shutter
•Width of compatible devices: between 55 and 70 mm
•Easy to use
•Easy fast burst in order to make series of continuous images
•Easy to pair
•Bluetooth 4.0
•Compatible with a wide range of mobile devices with Android 4.2.2 and higher, and with iOS6.0 and higher
•Battery type: Lithium CR2032L 3V
•Battery Life: 30 hours
•Selfie Stick with Twist Locking System

How to use

Pairing your Smartphone with the Bluetooth shutter
•1.Press for 2 seconds the Bluetooth Shutter button to activate the pairing mode.
•2.Search in your device for the Bluetooth signal named i-mu S2 and pair with it. No password is needed to pair.
•3.When paired, launch your camera application to take pictures from your device using the Bluetooth Shutter button.

Selfie Stick Twist Locking System

The Selfie Stick is made up of expandable rods that must be locked to ensure that your device stays upright and fixed.
•1.Expand the Selfie Stick to the desired length.
•2.Twist the rods to the left to lock them.
•3.Twist the rods to the right to unlock them.


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