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Review: Bluetooth Smart Key Finder

Okay so I was REALLY surprised with how well this little thing worked. I have used Tile before and was disappointed in the quality so my expectations were a bit low going in. However, it really worked like a charm. I want to start off by saying it came with

6 Tips for the Best Group Selfie Using a Selfie Wand

  When Sony released the first front facing camera phone in 2003, they had no idea the technology would become as advanced and beloved as it is today. From girls out with their friends, to guys running obstacle courses, to celebrities and dignitariesalike, everyone seems to be jumping on the selfie

How to make a book holder and a selfie stick?

In this video, I will show you how to make a book holder and a selfie stick! After watching it, I tried to follow his steps to create these things. I am just reiterating and showing the steps in my own way to help others who wish to make what